CE Duo™ CleanTech™ Microfiber Laminated Mop

  • Microfiber laminated cleanroom foam for cleaning/disinfecting floors, walls and ceilings
  • Adhesive-free lamination techniques are used to prevent additional contamination to your products
  • Designed for use in cleanrooms up to class ISO 5/GMP A & B/FED209D Class 100
  • Excellent microfiber cleaning results have been independently proven
  • Suitable for bucket and pre-prepared method
  • Sterile version is manufactured and sterilized in the USA
  • Sterile is validated to the 10-6 SAL per ISO 11137
  • Sterile product is individually double bagged with Lot # and Indicator Dot on each package
  • Certificate of Sterility available with each shipment, upon request
  • Product Item #141886 / 50 per case / Non-sterile
  • Products Item #147544 / 45 per case / Sterile


Two sides half the effort! The less time you spend on cleanroom cleaning, the less you interfere with keeping the core business running. The unique CE Duo™ mop concept is the perfect answer to meet the high demands for effective cleaning and disinfection of cleanroom and controlled environments. It is faster, easier and twice as efficient as traditional methods. The Duo mops allow you to achieve your contact time requirements for common disinfectants, and still reach an excellent cleaning performance with up to 99.9% bacteria removal. Quite simply, the CleanTech™ and SanTech™ CE Duo™ mops form the most efficient and reliable cleaning concept in the market for contamination control.

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