Nanotech™ Micro Cloths

  • Nano-silver particles are embedded in the endless microfibers (Patented technology)
  • 99.93% bacteria removal when wiping surfaces (Certified by BMA and Microsearch Labs, Ltd.)
  • No growth of bacteria on cloths for more than 24hrs
  • Omit tumble drying, as cloth can be stored in moist conditions
  • Extremely low linting cloths
  • Keeps antibacterial properties after 300+ laundry cycles
  • Color coded to prevent cross-contamination
  • Blue - Product Item #128601 / 5 per pack, 20 packs per case
  • Red - Product Item #128603 / 5 per pack, 20 packs per case
  • Yellow - Product Item #128600 / 5 per pack, 20 packs per case
  • Green - Product Item #128602 / 5 per pack, 20 packs per case

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Remove and kill bacteria! Superior cloths for superior wiping performance. Whichever environment you work in, you can be absolutely certain that microfiber wiping will improve your work efforts. Clear benefits are maximum performance, low cost-in-use and maximum hygiene as color coding prevents cross-contamination. The NanoTech™ Micro cloth is the solution for all operations and environments where maximum touch area hygiene are paramount. The secret lies in that nanoparticles of silver have been embedded in the microfiber.  When the silver ions make direct contact with bacteria and germs, they are killed.  This effectively prevents bacteria growth and the effect lasts for hundreds of washings.  Plus, it has all the appreciated microfiber properties- high durability, one-step wiping, easy gliding and superior cleaning results.