Swep Duo Plus Frame With Limiter

Vileda Professional adds to its CE Duo™ System of contamination control line of products with the introduction on the CE Duo™ CleanTech™ Sponge.  The CE Duo™ CleanTech™ Sponge allows you to disinfect while cleaning hard to reach areas in cleanrooms and controlled environments. The unique microfiber composition removes contamination from surfaces and holds it within the sponge. The microfiber laminated foam is ideal for cleaning/disinfecting all types of surfaces including hard to reach areas like behind equipment and piping, door handles, transition surfaces and all surfaces where a mop cannot reach. As well as equipment and furniture such as hoods, isolators, piping and cabinets. The sponge can be used with either the bucket or pre-prepared method. The double sided, hand held design results in higher degree of user control. Designed for use in cleanroom class ISO 5/GMP A+B/FED209D Class 100 and above.

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