CE UltraSpeed Pro – MicroIntensive™ L mop

The most effective and easy to use bucket and wringer system for use on floors, walls and ceilings within Controlled Environments!

CE UltraSpeed Pro™ outperforms current bucket and wringer systems in every aspect. Whatever the cleaning requirements, CE UltraSpeed Pro™ will dramatically increase speed and cleaning performance while decreasing total costs and providing versatility and ergonomics. The compact system is ideal for limited storage and is not only lightweight but ergonomic which means no bending to wring mops. The system is easy to use and does not require training. It is designed for use in cleanrooms up to ISO 4-9/GMP A/B, C, D within Pharma, MedDevice, BioPharma, Electronics and Hospitals. The combination of fully autoclavable system parts, low particle shedding Polyester-Microfiber mops and wringing of mops without hand contact offers a high level of hygiene.


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