UltraSpeed Mini Floor Mopping System

UltraSpeed Mini is small in size but large in performance!

UltraSpeed™ Mini was created specifically to fulfill the requirements of all small area cleaning. UltraSpeed™ Mini combines the ergonomic, performance and hygiene benefits of the existing UltraSpeed™ range in a small, compact system.

Product Benefits

  • The compact 10.5 qt bucket and flat mop makes it ideal for laboratories, production areas, lab animal research facilities and offices
  • Twice as fast as traditional wet mopping at cleaning small areas (215 sq. ft.), removing stubborn dirt and drying floors
Description Color Art.no Case Packs/case Pieces/pack
UltraSpeed Mini Starter Kit blue 129672 1 1
UltraSpeed Mini Starter Kit red 129673 1 1
UltraSpeed Mini Starter Kit green 129674 1 1
UltraSpeed Mini Starter Kit yellow 129675 1 1

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