NanoTech micro

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Superior cloths for superior wiping performance. Whichever environment you work in, you can be absolutely certain that microfiber wiping will improve your work efforts. Clear benefits are maximum performance, low cost-in-use and maximum hygiene as color coding prevents cross-contamination. The NanoTech™ Micro cloth is the solution for all operations and environments where maximum touch area hygiene are paramount. The secret lies in that nanoparticles of silver have been embedded in the microfiber composition. The silver inhibits the growth of bacteria odors, therefore providing a fresh cloth to the user. Made from only the highest quality of materials each microfiber cloth is durable and designed to last. Enables you to omit tumble drying as cloth can be stored in moist conditions up to 24 hours while the silver within the cloth inhibits growth of bacterial odors. Saves time and means significant reduction in cleaning start-up time.

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