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Cleaning and disinfection within food service

The extremely high demands of the food industry are increasing further to manage the re-opening of food and drink outlets.
Reassessing your cleaning methods, processes and products in relation to hygiene and food safety in restaurants, kitchens and catering facilities is paramount to assuring your customers the food is safe and premises are hygienically clean. Paying special attention to frequently touched areas not only reduces transmission risks but gives added visual assurance to your customers.

At Vileda Professional, we can support the process by arranging a site visit to discuss a range of topics including:

  • Infection prevention
  • Single use microfiber vs re-useable
  • The importance of cleaning in the disinfection process
  • Benefits of color coded cleaning products
  • Quality you can trust

For more information, please contact your Vileda Professional representative.

Frequently touched areas

Alongside general cleaning processes special attention should be placed on the most frequently touched areas. To reduce the risk of transmission these surfaces should be cleaned more frequently.
Without being able to cover all contact points the most common are:




  • Menus and holders
  • Condiments (salt, pepper, ketchup)
  • Food trays
  • Counters (bar, entrance, etc.)
  • Tables and chairs
  • Payment/card reader
  • Touch Screens/POS screens
  • Coffee & drinks machines




  • Handles and door locks
  • Push buttons for operating equipment (ovens etc.)
  • Dispenser handles and plates (i.e. drinks machines)
  • Taps, sink, handwashing areas
  • Hand towel dispensers
  • Refrigerator/Freezer handles and drawers
  • Cooking utensils and equipment (e.g. knives, chopping boards)
  • Order machines, Ice scoops, service bells

Recommended solutions

Recommended solutions

Vileda Professional has a comprehensive range of solutions for use with all cleaning methods and available in durable and single use systems. By choosing the correct system for your requirements, you can achieve better performance, ergonomics and lower your overall total cost in use.

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