Benefits of color coded cleaning products

Color coding cleaning is the process of assigning colors to almost all cleaning products and their areas of use within a facility. Apart from industry allocation, and if allowed by the governmental guidelines, you have the option to give the colors other meanings, as you decide.

As no internationally recognized standards exist and colors can change between sectors, the key is that all staff understand the policy used in your facility.

Implementing color coding simplifies training, provides supervisor/client oversight, bridges language barriers and is proven to reduce cross-contamination. 

Example of color coding applications:

Color Coding Benefits chart_updated.pptx.jpg

Example of color coding applications:

  • Specific areas within facility
  • Different shifts
  • Differentiate between clean and dirty buckets and bins
  • Differentiate between different chemicals/disinfectants within buckets 
  • Environment
  • Specific cleaner
  • ​​​​​​​Surface being cleaned

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