Quality increases cleanliness 

Decades of working with end-users in all markets has resulted in Vileda Professional being recognized as experts in professional cleaning and contamination control. Our offer of unique, innovative products and services ensures the cleaning processes used by our end-users are the most effective, and efficient available. 

Selecting Vileda Professional cleaning systems and implementing the correct protocols will help you achieve ideal cleaning standards.


Many cleaning products may look the same, but in use the differences become clear. Investing in quality products ensures:
  • High quality: microfiber composition, split and % used is the same in every cloth
  • High performance: One-wipe cleaning, water absorption and dosing
  • Certified bacteria removal (up to 99.99%)
  • Easy to clean after use: minimized dirt traps
  • Easy SOP integration
  • High wash durability
  • Expert support and advice

At Vileda Professional, we have the expertise to demonstrate how quality contributes to successful infection prevention.

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