Not all Microfiber is the same!


Microfibers are very fine fibers with a thickness of less than 1 dtex (1/100th size of a human hair) that clean better than conventional fibers because of their superior mechanical action and good absorbency. This removes higher levels of dirt and grease, reduces dependency on chemicals and leaves a streak free finish.

However, microfiber is not a one-size fits all solution, the composition, thicknesses and blends are the secret to consistent high performance (up to 99.99% bacteria removal) and low friction across a variety of surfaces.

Benefits of Vileda Professional microfiber products:  

  • Externally certified bacteria removal up to 99.99% (note: removed, not killed)
  • Streak free cleaning: Only small droplets left on surface after cleaning, very low tendency to re-deposit germs & dirt back to surface
  • Wide range of microfiber products for all surfaces and tasks
  • Microfiber in different decitex qualities (Micron and Microfiber)
  • Available in single use and machine washable formats
  • Color coded (Blue, Red, Green, Yellow and White)
  • Supported by extensive test data, application advice and certifications
  • Assurance of consistent high quality production,
  • Production also in Europe

At Vileda Professional, we have the knowledge and expertise to prove not all microfibers are the same and to provide the best solution for your cleaning needs.

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